How to Get Back into Your Ford Flex When You Lock Keys Inside

To unlock a Ford Flex with locked keys inside, you will need to use a slim jim or call a professional locksmith.

Ford Flex Locked Keys In Car

Locking your keys in your car is a stressful event, especially when it happens unexpectedly. If you own (or have experienced) a Ford Flex, the situation can be particularly challenging as the car’s design makes access to the interior quite tricky. Fortunately, there are solutions to unlock your Ford Flex. Depending on your particular circumstance, you may need to contact roadside assistance services or a reputable lock service provider. In some cases, you may even be able to open your vehicle without professional help. Read on for tips and instructions that may help you unlock your Ford Flex.]


Locking keys inside your car is a common mistake that everyone makes at some point in their life. Fortunately, there are ways to retrieve your keys from the locked car. This article will provide an overview of how to retrieve your keys from a Ford Flex if you find yourself in this situation. We will also provide some tips on how to avoid this situation in the future.

Ford Flex Key Retrieval Methods

If you find yourself locked out of your Ford Flex, there are a few options for retrieving your keys. The first option is to use a spare key. If you have a spare key for your Ford Flex, you can simply use it to unlock the door and retrieve your keys.

The second option is to have a locksmith come to the scene and unlock the door for you. Locksmiths are highly trained professionals who specialize in unlocking doors without causing damage to them. They can often unlock doors quickly and efficiently without causing any permanent damage, so its usually the best option when retrieving locked keys from cars.

The third option is to use a slim jim or other tool designed specifically for unlocking car doors without damaging them. Slim jims are long metal rods with hooks at one end that can be inserted into a window or door frame and used to manually unlock car doors from the inside. Theyre relatively inexpensive and easy to use, but they require some practice before they can be used effectively.

Finally, if all else fails, you can always call roadside assistance or your local police department for help retrieving your locked keys from your Ford Flex. Roadside assistance services may be able to send someone out with specialized tools that can help retrieve locked keys from cars, while police departments may be able to help if theyre available in the area where youre stranded with your vehicle.

How To Avoid Locked Keys In Car In Future?

One of the best ways to avoid locking yourself out of your car in the future is by making sure that you always keep an extra set of keys with you at all times. You should also make sure that any spare key that you have is easily accessible and not tucked away somewhere where it might not be found if needed in an emergency situation like this one. It’s also important to keep track of any additional copies of car keys that may have been made over time; if these copies have been lost or misplaced, it’s important to replace them as soon as possible so that they aren’t used by someone else who may try to access your vehicle illegally or without permission.

Finally, its important not only for security reasons but also for convenience reasons when trying to avoid getting locked out of your vehicle that you always take care when locking and unlocking doors on vehicles like the Ford Flex; double-checking locks before walking away from vehicles can save a lot of time and hassle if forgotten items get left behind in cars after getting accidentally locked inside them!

What is Ford Flex

The Ford Flex is a full-size crossover SUV produced by the Ford Motor Company since the 2009 model year. This 7-seat vehicle has two rows of captain’s chairs in the second row and a three-person bench in the third row. It has a unique look, with its stepped roofline and blacked-out pillars, and stands out from other vehicles in its class. The Flex also offers plenty of cargo space, making it an ideal family vehicle.

Locking Keys in Car

Unfortunately, locking keys inside your car is all too common. It can happen when you’re in a hurry, distracted, or simply forget to take your keys with you when you leave the car. If you have locked your keys inside your Ford Flex, don’t panic there are several ways to get them out without causing any damage to your vehicle.

Unlock with Spare Key

The first thing you should try is using a spare key if you have one. If not, locate the closest key dealer or locksmith who can make a copy of your key for you. If this isn’t an option for you, there are still some DIY options available.

Retrieve Keys Through Door

If you happen to have an unlocked door on the same side as where your keys are located, there are several methods that can be used to retrieve them without causing any damage to the door or window glass. A coat hanger can be bent into an “S” shape and inserted into the top of the door frame near the lock mechanism to push down on the unlock button or lever if present. You can also use a fishing rod device that will grab onto items through narrow openings like windows and door frames. Both of these methods require some patience but can be very effective in getting your keys back without having to call for costly assistance from a professional locksmith or auto repair shop.

Unlock with Slim Jim Tool

In some cases, a slim jim tool may be used to unlock a car door without damaging it or causing any harm to its internal mechanisms. This tool is typically used by professional auto repair shops and locksmiths but can also be purchased online for use by individuals who need access inside their vehicles quickly. The slim jim tool works by manipulating the interior lock mechanism so that it unlocks when pulled upward against it while simultaneously pushing down on its release lever at the same time. This method requires some practice but has proven successful in many cases where other methods have failed.

Calling Professional Services

If all else fails and none of these DIY solutions work for you, then it may be necessary to call professional services such as an automotive locksmith or tow truck company for assistance getting into your car safely and securely without causing any damage to it in the process. Professional services typically charge higher fees than DIY solutions but they provide peace of mind knowing that your car will remain unharmed during their assistance process as well as providing guaranteed results so that you don’t have to worry about wasting time or money trying multiple solutions that might not work in getting back inside your vehicle quickly and efficiently without doing any harm whatsoever!

FAQ & Answers

Q: How can I get my Ford Flex keys out of the car if they are locked inside?
A: If your Ford Flex keys are locked inside your car, you can contact a professional locksmith to open the vehicle. You may also be able to use a slim jim or wedge tool to open the door manually.

Q: What is the cost of having a locksmith open my Ford Flex?
A: The cost of having a locksmith open your Ford Flex varies depending on your location and the complexity of the job. Generally, you can expect to pay around $50-$100 for a standard car lockout service.

Q: Is it possible to unlock my Ford Flex with a coat hanger?
A: It is possible to unlock your Ford Flex with a coat hanger, but it is not recommended. Attempting to unlock your vehicle with a coat hanger may cause damage to the vehicle and could even void your warranty. It is best to call a professional locksmith for assistance.

Q: What should I do if I don’t have roadside assistance on my Ford Flex?
A: If you don’t have roadside assistance on your Ford Flex, you should call an experienced locksmith for help. You can also try using a slim jim or wedge tool if you have one available.

Q: Are there any safety tips I should follow when trying to get my keys out of my Ford Flex?
A: When trying to get your keys out of your Ford Flex, it is important to take safety precautions such as wearing protective gloves and eye protection when working with tools like slim jims or wedges. It is also important not to force any tools into the vehicle as this could cause damage or void warranties.

In conclusion, the Ford Flex is a great car that is reliable and secure. However, if you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having locked your keys in your car, there are several solutions available to get them back out. From calling a locksmith to using an air pump or a wedge, you can get back into your Ford Flex quickly and safely.

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