How to Lookup the Serial Number for a Kenmore Model 110 Appliance

The serial number of a Kenmore Model 110 can be found on the back or side of the unit.

Kenmore Model 110 Serial Number Lookup

The Kenmore Model 110 Serial Number Lookup is an essential tool for consumers looking to purchase parts or tools for their Kenmore model 110 items. This powerful application allows users to quickly and accurately identify parts or toolsbased on the serial number of an item. With the help of this tool, users can easily get the part or tool that one needs to repair any issue related to their Kenmore Model 110 products. The application strives to provide users with accurate results in a speedy manner. Moreover, the application is backed by a team of industry experts who are available 24/7 to provide assistance with any issues related to the serial number lookup tool.

Kenmore Model 110 Information

The Kenmore Model 110 is a popular washing machine used in homes across the country. It has many features, including several temperature settings, a choice of spin speeds, and a delay start option. The machine also has an automatic shutoff feature that helps conserve energy. The Model 110 is easy to use and can handle most laundry needs with ease.


The Kenmore Model 110 comes with several features that make it a great choice for busy households. It has several temperature settings so you can choose the one that best suits your laundry needs. The machine also comes with a choice of spin speeds from low to high so you can tailor your wash cycles to suit the fabrics being washed. It also includes a delay start feature, allowing you to set the machine to begin its cycle at any time of day or night. Lastly, the automatic shutoff feature helps conserve energy by shutting off the machine when the cycle is complete.

Kenmore Model 110 Serial Number Format

The serial number on all Kenmore Model 110 washing machines can be found on either the back panel or side panel of the appliance, usually located near or just above the water supply connections. The serial number is typically 10-11 characters long and contains both letters and numbers. The serial number will tell you when and where your particular model was made as well as provide other important information about your appliance such as its model type and size capacity.

How to Read a Serial Number

Reading a Kenmore Model 110 serial number is fairly straightforward; however, there are some important things to keep in mind when deciphering it. First, each letter or number in the serial number corresponds to specific information about your appliance such as its model type, size capacity and manufacturing date/year code (which may be represented by one letter). Secondly, it is important to note that each character in the serial number may be either upper or lower case letters (or numbers).

What the Serial Number Tells You

When correctly read, a Kenmore Model 110 serial number will tell you when and where your specific model was made as well as provide other important information about your appliance such as its model type and size capacity. For example, if your serial number is 110-1234ABC then you know that it was made in 2012 (A is for 2012) and was likely made in either California or Texas (the last 3 letters indicate which state it was made in). Additionally, depending on how old your washing machine is there may be additional information about its age embedded within the code itself; for example 110-12340AB may indicate that it was manufactured in 2000 (the 0 indicates 2000).

How to Look Up Kenmore Model 110 Serial Numbers

The best way to look up a Kenmore Model 110 serial number is online through an authorized service provider such as Sears PartsDirect or who have access to detailed databases containing information about all makes and models of appliances produced by major manufacturers like Whirlpool Corporation (which owns Kenmore) over many years. Additionally, certain websites like AppliancePartsPros offer their own tools specifically designed for decoding appliance serial numbers so you can quickly find out key details about your particular model without having to contact customer service or search through databases yourself.

Online Resources

Using online resources like Sears PartsDirect or AppliancePartsPros is often one of easiest ways for homeowners looking up their Kenmore Model 110 washing machines’ serial numbers since they have access to detailed databases containing information about all makes and models produced by major manufacturers like Whirlpool Corporation over many years which makes finding out key details about any particular model much easier than trying to contact customer service directly or searching through databases manually yourself without assistance from an expert technician familiar with decoding appliance codes..

Where Else You Can Find Serial numbers

In addition to searching online through authorized service providers like Sears PartsDirect and AppliancePartsPros there are some other places where you could potentially look up a Kenmore Model 110’s serial numbers including on stickers located on parts inside of appliances such as control panels, lids, sides etc., behind removable panels like door handles etc., inside manual documents provided at time of purchase etc.. However these methods are not always reliable since these stickers could easily wear off over time if not taken care properly during cleaning/maintenance etc., meaning that it may be difficult for someone not familiar with their particular model’s layout/construction/parameters accurately find out exact details about their washing machines’ age/model etc..

Understanding the Results of Your Kenmore Model 110 Serial Number Lookup

After looking up your particular models’ codes online through authorized service providers such Sears PartsDirect or AppliancePartsPros you should be able able get key details about when it was manufactured along with additional relevant information such age related info based on special codes embedded within code itself indicating year production etc., even if sticker located outside main chassis has been worn off over time due improper cleaning/maintenance practices etc.. As mentioned previously this info includes but isn’t limited too: manufacturing date/year code which may be represented by one letter (A=2012 B=2013 C=2014…etc.), different variations sizes based on total weight capacity available various models under same line (e.g.: 4kg 8kg 11kg…etc.), even additional info related warranty periods offered certain models at time purchase etc..

Age Of Your Appliance

Knowing exact age specific models purchased can help owners determine whether they should pursue repairs replacement parts due natural wear tear over years regular use course whether warranty still valid given amount time elapsed since initial purchase date whatever case depending how old particular unit might need some extra research order accurately assess current status available options going forward make sure research very thoroughly beforehand avoid any unnecessary surprises down road later stage process i e before committing anything too expensive extensive repair jobs based inaccurate assumptions incorrect info originally obtained during lookup process first place .

< h 2 > Other Information You Might Find Aside from determining exact age specific units customers might also learn additional tidbits relevant info related specs maintenance requirements operations instructions part diagrams owner manuals troubleshooting guides installation manuals etc all which could prove invaluable attempting diagnose problems troubleshooting issues during routine cleanings repairs might even enable them identify compatible replacement parts needed carry out said tasks more efficiently without having contact customer support wait extended periods times get answers questions .

< h 2 > What If You Can’t Find A Serial Number For Your Kenmore Model 1 10 ? < / h 2 > Although most cases customers should able locate codes easily enough using various methods discussed earlier there still possibility original sticker worn off due improper cleaning maintenance whatever reason making difficult impossible determine exact age given unit this point would need take alternative routes obtain desired results luckily there couple alternatives worth considering namely researching s sites similar contacting manufacturer directly ask them provide details related warranty periods offered certain models at time purchase seeking assistance local repair shops technicians familiar repairing servicing units same line … Furthermore customers might want consider purchasing brand new instead going route depending overall condition unit cost replacing individual components replacement parts accessories plus cost labor involved installation process could end costing significantly more than cost buying whole new anyway .

Common Reasons Why Your Kenmore Model 110 Search Results May be Inaccurate

It is possible that your Kenmore Model 110 lookup search results may be inaccurate for a few common reasons. Manufacturer error could be a possible cause of inaccuracy, as the manufacturer may have incorrectly entered your model and serial number in their database. Customer error could also lead to inaccurate results, as an incorrect or incomplete serial number being provided can lead to incorrect information being displayed.

Understanding Warranty Information Related to Your Kenmore Model 110 Lookup Search Results

When looking up information related to your Kenmore Model 110 serial number, it is important to understand the warranty information associated with the product. To ensure that your warranty is up-to-date, refer to the manufacturer’s website or contact them directly for any applicable updates or changes. Different lengths of warranties are available depending on the model and manufacturer, so it is important to understand which type of coverage you have before making any purchase decisions.

A Comparison of Other Appliances in the Kenmore Range

When comparing other appliances in the Kenmore range it is important to consider the main differences between models. Each appliance will offer different advantages and disadvantages depending on your individual needs and budget. For example, some models may offer energy efficiency while others may have greater storage capacity. It is important to weigh all these factors before making a choice so that you can make an informed decision that fits your needs best.

Common Problems Encountered With Your Kenmore Model 110

It is not uncommon for customers to encounter problems with their Kenmore Model 110 appliance from time-to-time. It is important to familiarize yourself with troubleshooting tips such as checking wiring connections or resetting power supply switches if necessary. Additionally, there are technical support options available such as online resources or customer service hotlines if more assistance is needed with troubleshooting any issues you may encounter with your appliance.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is the format of a Kenmore Model 110 Serial Number?
A: The serial number for a Kenmore Model 110 is typically an eight or ten digit code. Generally, the first two digits are the year of manufacture, followed by a three digit code that identifies the model and type of appliance. The remaining digits usually refer to specific features or accessories that may have been included in the purchase.

Q: How do I look up a Kenmore Model 110 Serial Number?
A: You can look up your Kenmore Model 110 serial number online using various resources such as manufacturer websites or online parts retailers. You may also be able to find it on documents such as sales receipts, manuals, and product registration cards.

Q: What information can I find with a Kenmore Model 110 Serial Number Lookup?
A: By looking up your serial number you can generally determine the age of your appliance as well as other pertinent information such as product model and type, specific features and accessories included in the purchase, warranty information, and more.

Q: What if my Kenmore Model 110 does not have a serial number?
A: If you cannot locate your serial number for your Kenmore Model 110 appliance there are other options for determining its age. You can contact the manufacturer directly for assistance or consult documents such as sales receipts or product registration cards that may include a date of purchase.

Q: Are there any common problems associated with my Kenmore Model 110 appliance?
A: Yes, some common issues encountered with this model include problems with leaks, ice accumulation in the freezer and temperature control issues. To troubleshoot these issues you can consult your owners manual or contact customer service for assistance.

In conclusion, it is possible to locate a Kenmore Model 110 Serial Number by consulting the product’s manual, referring to the product’s registration card, or contacting the manufacturer directly. Knowing the serial number can be useful when looking for parts or service related to your appliance.

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