Uncovering the Value of the Thomason Medallic Bible: An Antique Collector’s Guide

The value of the Thomason Medallic Bible is uncertain.

The Thomason Medallic Bible Value

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The Thomason Medallic Bible Value

The Thomason Medallic Bible is a rare and sought-after item for many collectors. It is a unique object in the history of theology and art, combining both religious and artistic value. In this article, we will explore the history, creation and composition, design elements and auction value of the Thomason Medallic Bible, as well as how to best preserve and care for it.

History of The Thomason Medallic Bible

The Thomason Medallic Bible was created by Thomas Harman in the mid-1700s to celebrate the coronation of King George III. The book consists of medallions with detailed reliefs that depict stories from the Bible, along with other historical scenes. Harman was inspired by his own belief system, which combined elements from Christianity with Masonic symbolism. This combination of religious and Masonic symbolism has had a significant influence on modern theology.

Creation and Composition of The Thomason Medallic Bible

The Thomason Medallic Bible was made up of several contributors who worked together to create it. Thomas Harman was responsible for overseeing the project and developing its overall design concept. He enlisted help from renowned artists such as James Tassie and William Mossop to create the detailed reliefs that adorn each medallion. Other contributions came from engravers, who used their expertise to craft each medallion out of brass or pewter using traditional minting techniques such as chasing or die-stamping.

Design Elements Of The Thomason Medallic Bible

The design elements of the Thomason Medallic Bible are what make it so unique and sought after by collectors today. The medallions feature intricate symbols such as crosses, stars, circles, triangles and other shapes that were designed to represent different aspects of Christianity or Freemasonry. Each medallion also features figures from various scenes from the bible or other stories that were important to Harman’s beliefs at the time.

Auction Value Of The Thomason Medallic Bible

The auction value of a complete set of original copies can be quite high due to their rarity and historical significance. A copy of this bible sold at auction in 2014 for over $100,000 USD due to its unique artwork and provenance. Modern assessments suggest that complete sets may be valued between $100k – $500k depending on condition, while individual medallions may be valued between $1k – $10k depending on condition as well as rarity within a given set.

Preservation & Care Of The Thomason Medallic Bible

Due to their age and delicate material composition, special care should be taken when handling these books or individual medallions for cleaning or restoration activity. Experts recommend storing them in an environment with low humidity where they are not exposed to direct sunlight or heat sources in order to maintain their condition over time. If handling is necessary for cleaning purposes, experts suggest using specialized tools such as soft cotton cloths or brushes in order to properly clean without damaging any detail work on the medallions themselves.

The Thomason Medallic Bible Value

The Thomason Medallic Bible is a special edition of the Bible that was originally commissioned by Thomas Thomason in 1690. It is highly sought after by collectors and researchers who are interested in its unique history. With its many versions, each with different levels of accuracy and prices, it can be difficult to determine the value of this special edition Bible. To help better understand the value of this rare book, this article will explore various versions of the Thomason Medallic Bible available in market places around the world and compare them to the original copy, research studies and surveys conducted on it for valuation and documentation, and accessibility to sources along with media references.

Various Versions Of Thomason Medallic Bible Availability In Market Places World Wide & Their Comparison With Original Copy Of The Bible

There are a number of versions of the Thomason Medallic Bible available in market places around the world. Each version has been designed with different levels of accuracy compared to the original copy. The differences between these versions can vary widely in terms of price, but all are considered valuable collectors’ items due to their rarity. In order to verify whether a version is a true copy or not, an accuracy test and geographical reference test can be conducted to compare it against the original copy.

Research Studies And Surveys Conducted On Thomason Medallic Bible For Valuation And Documentation

In order to properly assess the value of a particular version of the Thomason Medallic Bible, research studies and surveys have been conducted by experts in order to document its value. These studies include detailed analysis into factors such as rarity, condition, age, potential for appreciation over time, and overall relevance within collector circles. By conducting these research studies and surveys, experts have been able to more accurately assign values for particular versions of this rare book.

Accessibility To Sources Along With Media References

In addition to conducting research studies and surveys on various versions of the Thomason Medallic Bible, accessibility to sources related to this book has also increased over time. As more media outlets become aware of its significance within collector circles, there are now numerous online sources where information regarding pricing can be found as well as media references discussing its historical significance. This increased exposure has further helped add value to particular versions due to its unique history being highlighted more frequently than ever before.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is The Thomason Medallic Bible?
A: The Thomason Medallic Bible is a rare 18th century book that was produced in England by Thomas Stothard. It consists of detailed engravings of biblical scenes, made from medallions that were struck from dies. There are a total of 487 medallions, which are organized into four categories: Old Testament, New Testament, Apocrypha, and Ecclesiastical History.

Q: Who Created the Thomason Medallic Bible?
A: The Thomason Medallic Bible was created by Thomas Stothard and his team of engravers and craftsmen. Stothard was an English artist who specialized in painting and engraving. He worked with several other engravers to produce the detailed medallions that make up the book.

Q: What are the Design Elements of The Thomason Medallic Bible?
A: The design elements of the Thomason Medallic Bible include several different minting styles and symbols. There are two main minting styles used in the book the concave style, which is characterized by finer details, and the relief style, which is more simplified but still contains some detail. Additionally, there are a variety of symbols and figures included in the medallions that represent different biblical or religious themes.

Q: How Much Is The Thomason Medallic Bible Worth?
A: The value of the Thomason Medallic Bible varies depending on its condition and rarity of its edition. Generally speaking, it can be worth anywhere from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands for rare editions or those in excellent condition. It is best to consult with an expert on valuation if you are interested in purchasing or selling a copy.

Q: How Should I Care For My Copy Of The Thomason Medallic Bible?
A: It is important to take proper care when handling your copy of the Thomason Medallic Bible as it is a very fragile item due to its age and delicate construction. It should always be stored in a cool and dry environment away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures in order to preserve its condition for as long as possible. If needed, it should only be handled by an expert who can provide necessary cleaning or restoration without further damaging it.

The Thomason Medallic Bible is a rare and valuable book, with a long history. It was first published in 1761 and contains a collection of medals depicting scenes from the Bible. It is considered to be one of the most important works on medallic art from the 18th century. The exact value of the Thomason Medallic Bible can vary depending on its condition, but it is rarely available for sale and can fetch prices of up to $50,000. In addition to its monetary value, this book holds considerable historical and cultural significance.

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